Essential tips for foodies traveling to Southeast Asia

Without a doubt, gourmet chef John Denboer‘s favorite region in the world when it comes to exotic cuisine in Asia. He has traveled to the area several times to learn and taste the different food the continent has to offer.

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For this blog, he shares three food and travel tips for foodies planning to visit Southeast Asia.

Expensive doesn’t mean better.

Many places in Southeast Asia have some of the tastiest food in the world but aren’t really that expensive. In fact, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia all have the most unforgettable street food in the world in terms of preparation and taste, and they all cost a fraction of what one would pay for in a high-end restaurant.

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Ask the locals where to find the best food.

Since Southeast Asia is mostly comprised of third-world countries, it’s easy to overlook restaurants that don’t look too posh. Locals in Southeast Asia would know the best places to eat. These places may not be the prettiest, but their menus far surpass many more hip joints.

Bring proper gear and medications.

As with any trip to exotic places, tourists should bring all the right things such as sunglasses and insect repellants, comfy walking shoes and clothing, etc. In case one’s tummy acts up, or one has an allergic reaction after eating food they have never tried before, it’s also wise to carry medications, John Denboer adds.

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