Kitchen essentials every home should have

Gourmet chef John Denboer holds private classes so that his students may learn things they may not have had the chance to learn elsewhere.  Though he is an avid foodie and traveler, he encourages people to know their way around the kitchen.  For those who are just learning how to cook, here are must-have kitchen tools for the home.

<b>Chef’s knife and cutting board</b>

Investing in many knives might not be practical for beginners.  Getting a chef’s knife that has the right size and weight will allow a person to conveniently cut, slice, dice, chop, and more with one tool.  Chefs suggest getting a knife that’s not too light, too heavy, or too big.  It should also be made of a stainless material that will stay sharp for a long time.  Of course, one shouldn’t forget to buy a cutting board.  For beginners, getting a rubberized and lightweight board is enough. 

<b>Non-stick pan</b>

<a href=”“>John Denboer</a> admits that kitchen newbies gain their confidence by first learning how to fry.  Getting a non-stick pan is an excellent addition to the kitchen because it can also be used for other purposes other than frying.  When buying, choose a pan that’s made of ceramic coating for safety. 

<b>Utensil set</b> One will need spatula, whisks, tongs, and spoons to cook a sumptuous meal.  Getting a utensil set will make kitchen tasks easier from preparation, actual cooking, plating, and serving.  According to Chef John Denboer, buying a high-quality utensil doesn’t have to be expensive.  One has to find a set made of sustainable and high-quality materials that can be used for a long time. 

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