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Gourmet kitchen discussion: Ventilation

John Denboer is a gourmet chef who specializes in teaching groups of students. While he’s not conducting a cooking class, he’s busy sharing what he knows via his series of blogs.

For this blog, John Denboer focuses on gourmet kitchens and takes a closer look at the significance of ventilation.

Ventilation is an important part of gourmet kitchens especially ones with high-end appliances. A good ventilation system will keep grease and steam from spreading everywhere and will keep smoke detectors quiet.

John Denboer explains that carefully calculating a range hood’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) is essential. It’s this measurement that will tell a person just how much air a fan can ventilate a minute. The ideal range hood can cycle all the air in a kitchen every four minutes.

The equation to get the CFM is dividing the cubic feet of one’s kitchen and dividing it by four.

Now, John Denboer mentions that electric and gas stoves have different calculations as far as CFM goes. Electric stoves need 100 CFM for every 10 inches of width. As for gas stoves, simply divide the BTUs by 100.

For proper ventilation, the range hood should at least be based on either the stovetop CFM or kitchen dimension equation, whichever is higher. However, John Denboer recommends going beyond the minimum requirement.


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